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So, here's my home for amateur radio. And yes, those are train tracks in the ham shack. More on that hobby of mind in another part of my website.

As mentioned before, I was licensed back in June 1981. Since I retried from TV broadcasting in September 2017, I finally had the time to play radio. But first, there were upgrades to do. So last fall, that work began in earnest.

In order to have a radio shack, you need a radio:

The radio is an Icom America IC-7300 HF/6-Meter transceiver which I bought just after the new year. It replaced a 37 year-old Kenwood TS-530S originally purchased in September 1981.The IC-7300 is a very modern state-of-the-art rig and is a joy to operate. Thanks to Joe, K1JEK, for  ever so gently nudging towards that radio.

Now, there is other gear to make the shack run, like an Ameritron 1 Kilowatt RF amplifier to be heard when the bands are not doing so well.

Once the signal comes out of the amplifier, it goes into a high power antenna tuner complete with an an…